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My 3rd Confession.
My wife told me that she wanted to get a personal trainer so she could become sexier for me. I of course agreed ;) I was shocked the first time I saw her trainer. She found this hot bombshell. Her name was Sarah. She looked like a porn star. After the workout while my wife was in the shower, I asked Amanda, how she liked training my wife. She laughed and said it’s a good job, she will be sexy for you in no time! I laughed and asked “She told you why she’s doing this huh?”. She giggled and nodded. I told her that she looked amazing and that I can’t wait for my wife to look like her, she blushed and said thank you. I asked her if she would like do some yoga, and that I had a few stretches that she would enjoy. She laughed and said sure! I got the yoga mats out and placed them on the floor. Once she was on her mat, I told her to bend over and grab her ankles. She was quite flexible, I was impressed. I was even more impressed by her perfect ass. I kid you not, it was beautiful. I think she noticed that I was staring at her ass, and stuck it out even more. I garbed her waist and helped her position like I wanted her. I made sure my hard on would rub against her accidentally a few times. After I had re-positioned her a few times and touched her pussy and clit through her yoga pants. I was ready to fuck her. I kept on rubbing her pussy and clit and her words soon turned into heavy breathing. I ripped her yoga pants just so I could have access to her holes. I took off my pants and rammed my cock inside her. I made her cum in 2 minutes… Sadly i heard my wife turn off the shower so I had to stop before I emptied my balls inside of her mouth. However everyday that the personal trainer comes over, she makes sure to visit me first and I make sure she is filled with my cum in both of her holes while she’s training my wife.

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